Debra Williams founded Collective Energy Consulting to help companies make the most of the energy that exists within their organization.

Debra began her career as a Human Resources Generalist using Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques at a unionized food manufacturing plant. From that formative experience, she saw tremendous potential tapped when teams have tools and techniques to guide their thinking and capture their output. Her experience in putting this into practice has included:

  • Leading Teams in the creation of Bonus Program Scorecards
  • Managing a Union Decertification event, as well as its aftermath
  • Reorganizations that radically changed roles within the Function
  • Defining the impact of SAP implementation upon business processes
  • Preparing for labor contract negotiations as Chief Spokesperson for the Company
  • Job enrichment for long tenured administrative staff
  • Strategic Business Plan facilitation for nationwide Sales Function
  • Complete overhaul of 52-week new hire training for surgical device Sales force

She is inspired by de Bono thinking tools which provide structure and creativity to all thinking efforts – whether it is an individual effort or one that is organization-wide. The tools underlie her approach to facilitation and she is passionate about teaching others to use them.

Debra holds a Bachelor of Science in Labor Relations from Cornell University. She recently completed a Masters in Educational Theater at New York University and uses the techniques to bring examples to life and help participants internalize important points within her training programs.

Debra combines HR expertise, facilitation skills, critical and innovative thinking tools and theater education techniques to help make the most of the collective energy within your organization!

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