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  1. Cristina Juvier, SVP Organization Effectiveness
    "Debra is a fantastic partner and I always look forward to an opportunity to work with her. She is sharp, energetic, highly responsive and has a keen ability to read a room of executives. She is a seasoned facilitator, and is able to change course at the last minute and adapt to her audience.
  2. Problem Specialist, Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
    “Debra provided techniques that were immediately applicable to my work. A classmate and I used them the next day to resolve inter-departmental communication problems."
  3. B. Dillman-Cruce, Curriculum Specialist
    "Debra Williams is a powerhouse of a facilitator who brings energy and expertise to every workshop she leads. No matter how complicated the situation or the question, Deb remains agile and composed. Her sense of humor and poise under pressure are assets that serve her well."
  4. Finance Director, Norwalk Community College Foundation
    Deb was able to quickly grasp the need for a strategic approach to our work as well as the need to overcome potential resistance to a new approach within the team. She structured the agenda for the meeting in a way that engaged all, and addressed concerns without allowing the meeting to
    deteriorate into a gripe session. She was able to engage the group by focusing our attention on our aspirations for the Foundation as well as on ways to overcome potential roadblocks.
  5. S. Gold, Pharmacist Yale New Haven Hospital
    "I feel energized. This day transformed my way of thinking - and I had fun!"
  6. B. Miller, Engineering Manager
    “Deb is a very effective facilitator, high energy and responsive. Her events include a good mix of lecture and participation which keeps the team very engaged. She can also think on her feet and respond to the changing demands of the customer/team.
    Her experiences and skills cover a wide variety of tools and she’s able to illustrate inter-connections and appropriateness as needed for the audience. We would definitely invite Deb to be a part of our future training and events needing facilitation.